Photo Credit: Barboursville Vineyard

Unexpected Autumn Adventures


2020 is a year of broadened horizons—albeit the skyline is closer to home. Whether you’ve been hitting the trails on a new bike or honing your ukulele skills, you’ve embraced the unexpected. In keeping with your journey, this installment of WanderLove highlights unexpected autumn adventures around Orange County.

Photo credit The Montpelier Foundation

If you’ve been working hard as a home educator or impromptu hairdresser, take a well-deserved break and step into history by taking a tour at James Madison’s Montpelier. Enjoy the crisp autumn air and fall foliage as you wander around Madison’s property while learning about his personal and professional life as America’s fourth President.  Held on the grounds of James Madison’s estate, several different options of tours are available which will feature a little bit of everything. Outdoor Tours are offered Thursday-Monday from 10am-2pm. All-access tours and lectures share fresh perspectives on colonial history. Whether you’re escaping Zoom or educating your offspring, escape into the past while still being present.


Photo Credit: Rachel-May-Photography sourced from Rounton Farm website

If you love treasures from the soil, but you’re short on time, Barboursville Vineyards’ Annual Truffle Feast is your gastronomic go-to. This four-course dinner, held at Palladio on November 14, pays homage to the fabulous fungi. Harvested in autumn, the truffle is notoriously difficult to cultivate. But with proper care, black Périgord truffles, native to Europe, thrive in Virginia’s soil. Swirl your favorite vintage and savor gourmet fare in style. Then stroll back to the 1804 Inn for a warming nightcap and your fuzzy slippers.

If farm-to-table cooking sparks an interest in sourcing your own food, Rounton Farm’s Hunting 101 paves the way. Held on a 300-acre farm, their hunting courses are half and full-day adventures like no other. From safety sessions to expertly-seared venison, Rounton turns a first-timer into a faithful hunter. If you’re skittish about fresh game, Skeet Shooting sessions are equally satisfying. At day’s end, the guest cottage, with its fireplace and cozy nooks, is a true seasonal treat.


Turn over yet another new leaf in Orange County this season. Adventures off that well-traveled path are the best reasons to roam.