Gateway to Orange Mural Project 2022

Public Art is a wonderful way to beautify spaces and build community pride.  Having murals adorn the walls of area businesses is not a new concept for the Town of Orange, but recent additions to the landscape have made a new impact and added a lot of extra color for locals and visitors to enjoy!  The Arts Center in Orange County, Virginia set out to create three murals by three artists during the Summer of 2022 – they called it the Gateways to Orange Mural Project.  With the support of community volunteers, local youth, and Arts Center staff those murals were recently completed.   The murals are each unique and represent a collaboration between visiting artists and community members.  Like the Town of Orange itself the murals are beautiful, diverse and illustrate a variety of artistic perspectives.

Featured artists were Kim Carlino, Rick Nickel, and Juan Pineda. The artists were not local to Orange County, rather they were selected from a juried process and welcomed to the area as guests this summer.  As a part of each installation artists accepted feedback and suggestions from community members.  They then had the chance to alter their designs to be more reflective of the people they met and interacted with during their stay.   This unique melding of ideas has created some very special art!

The first mural was done by artist Rick Nickel. This mural was painted at The Arts Center in Orange, on the side of their building (facing onto May Fray Avenue).  It is titled “We are Strange and Beautiful Vessels”.  With the help of local artists and volunteers this mural by Rick Nickel was completed in just a few days!

Mural by Rick Nickel

The second mural of the Gateways to Orange Mural Project was done by artist Kim Carlino. It is titled ‘Hatch Me a Dream’ and is located at 132 West Main Street in Orange, VA. The design incorporates and combines geometric shapes with elements from nature.

Mural by Kim Carlino

The last mural of the Gateways to Orange Mural Project was done by artist Juan Pineda. His piece titled “Tranquility of Rural Life” is located on the back of 118 May Fray Avenue, facing onto the train tracks in the center of town. It can be viewed up-close from Main Street and along North Madison.  In a tribute to Virginia the work features dogwood blooms – Virginia’s state flower.

Mural by Juan Pineda

Check out additional information on the completed Mural Project here.

Located on the ALCOVA Mortgage – The Dudley Team building, this beauty is a showstopper. Thanks to The Dudley Team for adding this mural to Orange County. If you haven’t seen it for yourself, Visit Orange County Virginia and snap a selfie.