Make Orange County, Virginia your Destination for Great Coffee

In the same way that local food can be indicative of a region or a certain culture and heritage.  You can learn a lot about a destination by its coffee.  The popular flavors, the coffee-house vibe, the regulars everyone knows, the roasters, the baristas, and even the names of the shops themselves are all descriptors of sorts.  They tell you about the type of community you’re visiting.  Is it welcoming?  Does it hustle and bustle or just ease into the day?  Is it an urban melting pot of flavor influences from other countries or is Grandma’s pound cake the highlight of the menu?  There’s a lot to discover in every satisfying sip.

The coffee scene in Orange County, Virginia is the best of small-town America with a dollop of sophistication and a sprinkle of whimsy.  It’s refined, but approachable.  It’s full of flavor, creativity and substance without being bitter.  And, it’s always accompanied by a friendly smile and some yummy sweets!  It doesn’t matter the time of day or the reason for your visit – in Orange County there is always unforgettable coffee nearby and a friendly barista waiting to pour.

Witches Brew Café serves Orange County Roaster’s Coffee and sweets from JB Cakes in a warm and inviting atmosphere conveniently located along Route 20.  Owner Adrienne Enfinger has always dreamed of opening her own café and she made that dream a reality in 2019.   She has a passion for the local community and visiting her at Witches Brew is a lot like stopping by your sister’s house for a heart-to-heart.  There’s plenty of indulgent flavors and comfy places to sit, she puts pretty pictures on every cup and you can even make your hot beverage an ‘adult drink’.  The Witches Brew Café Blog also has fascinating tid-bits like this article on how coffee is made.

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