Step into history. Step into the home of one of America’s Founding Fathers. Step into an archeological dig that tells researchers and historians more about the 18th century every day. Step into a place where families can learn more about how the Constitution of the United States of America affects our everyday lives.

James Madison’s Montpelier allows visitors to immerse themselves into a place that transformed governance worldwide. It serves as a memorial to James Madison and the Enslaved Community, a museum of American history, and a center for constitutional education. It is an important American relic, honoring Madison’s most powerful idea: government by the people. And it is right here in Orange County, VA! Want the full story? Click here.

Engage with History

Transport yourself into the history of James Madison’s Montpelier. Access video and podcast series, such as the “American Dissent” podcast, the “Women of Montpelier” video series and the acclaimed “Fate in the Balance” animation by clicking on the link here.

Explore From Home

Explore: Participate in virtual tours, webinars, and events with James Madison’s Montpelier! From exploring the woods with Montpelier’s Director of Archaeology & Landscape Restoration to getting the latest archeological updates on their NEH-funded research, learning from your living room has never been so easy and engaging.

Learn: James Madison’s Montpelier invites you to “Unlock Montpelier” square foot by square foot. So many rooms in the house to share, and so many stories to tell. Help them unlock them all! They also offer exceptional virtual learning opportunities through their online portals. Take online courses with titles ranging from “Slavery and the Constitution” to “Suffrage in America” through their Center for the Constitution (appropriate for college and high school aged students). Or, dive into research, history, archaeology, and collecting through their Digital Doorway— all just a click away!

Support: Although James Madison’s Montpelier is currently closed, you can still bring home a souvenir! Books, collectibles, apparel, and even some tea and jam are all available on the Museum’s online shop.

Orange County Tabby Cat Coloring Page- For the Kids!

Check out this James Madison’s Montpelier coloring page (download here) and Purr’s short story from the Orange County Historical Society (download here).

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If you are interested in purchasing “The Nine Lives of an Orange Tabby” so you can follow along with Purr, click here. Happy illustrating!

*Photos sourced from the James Madison’s Montpelier website and social media pages.