Step into history. Step into the elegant high ceiling parlors and grand veranda of the Exchange Hotel. Uncover the sacrifices of the Civil War hotel staff and medical personnel as they converted their beloved hotel into a receiving hospital that treated over 70,000 soldiers, both Confederate and Union. Relive the tumultuous journey of newly freed slaves who came to the hotel for the Freedman’s Bureau in the late 1800’s. Discover part of America’s story through the lens of one, very important, Hotel.

The Exchange Hotel and Civil War Medical Museum preserves the histories of its tenants, residents, patients and more. Today, the site exhibits exact replicas of its various uses throughout American history. Dedicated to restoring the hotel, Summer Kitchen, and its 1860s Train Depot, the Exchange Hotel serves as a time capsule for all to enjoy. And it’s right here in Orange County, VA! To learn more click here.

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Explore: The Exchange hotel is holding an Art History contest for students grades 3rd -8th! Learn more about the hotel here and enter for a chance to win! Follow their Facebook page for more ways to engage!

Learn: Discover more about Gordonsville history, Exchange Hotel architecture, the Gordonsville Railroad , the Gordonsville Receiving Hospital, and the story of the legendary chicken vendors.

Support: Get involved by clicking on this link. Become a member, donate or volunteer!

Orange County Tabby Cat Coloring Page- For the Kids!

Check out this Exchange Hotel & Civil War Medical Museum coloring page (download here) and Purr’s short story from the Orange County Historical Society (download here).

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If you are interested in purchasing “The Nine Lives of an Orange Tabby” so you can follow along with Purr, click here. Happy illustrating!

*Photos sourced from the Exchange Hotel & Civil War Medical Museum website.