Not far from Charlottesville, Richmond, and D.C. you’ll find the Virginia Foothills, located in Orange County, Virginia.

With beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Foothills are a meeting place where local businesses welcome you to escape the bustle of city life for a weekend away. Come explore this extraordinary area, home to a notable assortment of unique travel experiences.

“Our rolling mountains and open vistas inspired the revolutionary ideals of James Madison, Father of the Constitution, and today, they fuel the creativity of world-class chefs, hoteliers, winemakers and farm-to-table proprietors.

With open country roads that reveal long views of the Blue Ridge Mountains at every turn, you begin to relax before even reaching your destination. And when you do arrive, a warm welcome awaits.

  • 40 min from Charlottesville
  • 80 min from Richmond
  • 120 min from D.C.

When in the Foothills:

  • Taste world-class wines while overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains at Barboursville Vineyards. An unforgettable experience.
  • Dine at locally owned restaurants, from superb Italian cuisine to classic favorite BBQ Exchange, serving top-notch slow-roasted Virginia barbecue.
  • Stay at The Inn at Willow Grove, a 5-star boutique country hotel and spa offering unsurpassed luxury and impeccable service.
  • Visit James Madison’s Montpelier, the lifelong home of James Madison with interactive tours and special experiences for visitors of all ages; preserved history dedicated to educating visitors on our nation’s past, present and future through the lens of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Shop at The Market at Grelen, a European-style garden shop set on a 600-acre nursery with offerings such as a farm-to-table café, hiking trails, a pick-your-own farm, and Virginia beer, cider and wine.